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Something New at SEBAC - Introduction to the Slack Program 

Message from Mike Hansen

In past calls we discussed the concept of using the web-based collaboration platform, www.slack.com
(slack) as a tool to allow SEBAC member firms to connect to pursue solicitations they might not otherwise consider individually.   

The following is an overview of how we envision this tool working. 

Each SEBAC member will receive an email inviting them to the SEBAC Slack workspace:   

    *  If interested, accept this invitation.  If you are not interested, simply ignore this   invitation.
    * Once you accept the invitation, you will have access to the SEBAC slack page

You can download slack as an app for your phone, use it in your browser, and/or download a desktop version on your computer. All accounts will sync if you download it on various places, so long as you use the same login information.  

On the left hand side of the page you will see a listing of ‘channels’ (click here for a screen shot)   In the slack world channels are individual topics or categories in which people can interact.  Interaction can include simple messaging, but can also include use of applications, sharing of files, etc.

We envision two kinds of channels in use for this page (at this time);
    *  Firms pursuing a specific solicitation, needing support subcontractor(s) for some specialty skill or socioeconomic status, or
     * Firms wanting to get on a team for a solicitation, but with no current engagements.

If any member wishes to start a new channel, they can do so themselves, or you can send an email to Mike Hansen.  Each channel should include brief details – Client Name (i.e., NAVFAC Mid-Lant), Solicitation Type (i.e., Source Sought, RFI, RFP, etc.), Description (i.e., RAO-MAC).   From there the channel will be set up, and the members of the page will receive a notification to join that channel.  Once you join that channel you will be able to post messages, share information, save files, invite others to join the channel, etc. and the others in that channel will have access to that information (click here for a screen shot).

There is also a direct message feature where you will be able to send private messages to other members on the page – these will not be public.

We also envision that after the initial introductions and connections are made, a member may want to leave the slack environment and communicate via email, etc.

There is also a notification feature for this site, in which you will see notifications on your screen (like Outlook), when new posts are made.  This can be turned off if you like.

Please let us know if you have any questions and hopefully this will provide value to the membership.   In the meantime look for the invitation to join shortly. 

Michael A. Hansen, P.E.
Senior Engineer

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